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Why Vacation Your Pet with Us?


1) We are experienced, we are licensed, we have a clean, safe environment.
2) We either already know your pets or will go above and beyond to get to know your pets.  Forming a bond earning your pet's trust is imperative to us and to a stress-free, fun, enjoyable experience for your pet.
3) We spend the entire day AND night with your pets.
4) We offer convenience and flexibility for your needs and your pets' needs.
5) We understand the concerns you have, as we do with our own pets.
6) We treat and care for our guests as are own pets.
7) We keep our numbers of guests low to assure the time and attention to each individual animal.
8) We gave up a larger full-service kennel operation to focus on what we love most, which is exclusive caring of pets while their owners are not able to themselves.  We want each pet to feel as part of the family, and we want it to be a true vacation spot for them, NOT just a " great boarding experience".
9) We LOVE animals.  It's not just a business to us, it is a lifestyle of living with animals and caring for those who depend on us, who give us unconditional love in return.
10) We want your pet to experience Eureka!  One time, and they will want to return!



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