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Times are approximate:

6:30a                      Cocka-doodle-doo! Good morning kids, rise and shine!  Let’s go out and go potty and have a good morning stretch!  The misty fog is lifting over the dew covered fields, the peace and quiet of the country morning beckons for a day of fresh air, exercise and fun! (Amenities for small and toy breeds, as well as age and breed specific play and exercise for dogs of all ages and sizes)

7:30a                      C’MON IN!  Time for a good breakfast!  Their food (or ours, please specify) and feeding instructions you have provided PLUS a farm fresh scrambled egg if you'd like, to be added to their breakfast.

8:30a                      Back out we go!  Time to explore, take a good potty or two, investigate, run, play and socialize with other dogs (if you allow group play for your dog, otherwise, dog will just play with human only).

9:30a                      Back inside for a rest and some morning shows on TV.  Doggee Coffee served (minty flavored treat water).

10:30a-2:30p        Quick potty break and then Individual time, both inside and outside.  Each dog will have plenty of individual time with whatever floats their boat.  Inside:  Brushing, massage, or indoor play in the playroom.  Lie in a lap or snooze on a sofa.  For non couch-potatoes, follow around a human during some farm chores (done in a SAFE manner) – feed the ducks, explore the barn, watch the sheep get moved to pasture, play in the hay, swim in one of the kiddie pools.  Whether a ranch hand companion, or a Frisbee-catching fanatic, your dog will enjoy ONE ON ONE outside as well as inside. For those water and retrieving-loving Labs, a game of pond-fetch if their parents allow it!

3:00p                      Afternoon snack and nap time!  Whether your treats provided or our own homemade gourmet treats, each pet will get a nice afternoon special treat and a rest time.

4:30p                      Afternoon social/group play time.  Free run and play with matched and supervised playgroups.  Dogs who cannot play with other dogs or whose owner doesn't wish for them to, will have their own field or play yard time for themselves.

6:30p                      DINNER BELL RINGS!  Your food or ours.  Your choice of one warm human item to also be given. 1) ˝ Grilled hamburger (about 1/8lb) 2) Warm Chicken Noodle Soup 3) Some of what the humans are having

8:00p                      Potty Time and good evening exercise, followed by some TLC and TV

10:00p                   Every one is taken to their own room or space or crate for bedtime for some counting of sheep.  Everyone is given a fresh, raw veggie-snack to chew on before bed time.


HOW CAN WE DO THIS?  Simple.  We have a MAXIMUM amount of 10 dogs or 10 dog families we will allow at one time.  During busy holidays or seasons we will allow only a max of 20.  Your dogs are treated like our own.  This is all we do.  Live with animals and take care of them.  We keep it simple.  We are exclusive.  Both owners are hands-on, 24-7.



Room #1 has full size sofa, dish TV and dog beds.  Room #2 has full size bed, dog beds and TV and human companion. Room #3 has full-size bed and dog beds.  Room #4 for the more non-television interested dogs or group of family dogs is a large room filled with toys and dog beds.  Room #5 The Suite has Queen bed, loveseat sofa, dog beds and human companion.  Room #6 is the Sun Room – dogs who must sleep in crates will sleep and rest in this room.  This room is where our personal dogs sleep.  We will take turns with the dogs, allowing them to sleep in various areas, to find out which sleeping arrangement they like the best.  Rest times during the day are in various rooms or freely around house or freely in the sun room or play room.  Some dogs will be required to some “down time” in a crate, but will have blanket and toys in with them.  (You guys know who your dogs are that need this!)

CATS:  Please inquire for our cat routine.  Kitty Condos and TLC for them as well, along with “Free Roam” time inside and a fully enclosed outdoor area for them if you choose for them to get some fresh air and bird watching time.  They will be kept separate from the dogs. 


Your dog(s) will get more time, attention and care than ANY WHERE ELSE you could possibly leave them.  We guarantee this.  We will try to accommodate all transportation needs for those of you who cannot make the drive.  We could pitch our business strictly to our surrounding areas, but we do also have loyalties to our select Savannah clients. We are taking every measure to make it more special and convenient to make up for our distance.  This is why our prices are slightly more. With our new business, new location, new structure, and new policies – it is a win-win situation for everyone involved.   We have eliminated daycare services except for emergency needs of our regulars.  We will never have more than 20 dogs or families of dogs (excluding our own Border Collies) that stay at a time, period.  We ask that you take the time to come out here and visit, take a tour, stay a while.  You will then understand why it is worth it!


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