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$25 per night for first dog
$15 per night for the second dog
$10 per night each additional from the same family (up to 4 total, then pricing starts over)
$10-$15 courtesy rate for bath before going home

LONG TERM BOARDING  $450/month for one dog $750 for two

FREE off leash play time with your dog when you pick up and drop off


$12 per night for first cat, $8 each additional cat
Indoor 4' kitty condos separate from dogs
Indoor free roam and TV and lap times for cats
Outdoor completely enclosed garden, bird watch
and play area if you choose some outdoor play time
for your feline while he/she is on vacation

DAY VACATION (daycare):

$12 per day per dog (limited availability) for
any amount of time between 7a-8p, 7 days.

$8 per day per cat


Check out our Horse Boarding-Click HERE

We do offer limited boarding for exotics.  Please inquire.
Some livestock, Birds, Turtles, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Iguanas, Chameleons,
and some other reptiles and other exotics.  These will be kept in the housing you provide
and fed the food you provide, either in the garage or one of the barns.


Please inquire for our reasonable rates.


Obedience/Behavior TRAINING (while on vacation)

$10 per session while visiting (without owner - this is best used if you have something specific you want us to work on while your dog is here visiting)

$800 for a 4-week boarding and training course in
basic household manners (crate/potty training, no jumping, barking, etc) walking on a loose leash/no pulling
and basic obedience (coming when called, sit, down and stay) and socialization to basic household items and other animals.
A private lesson with the owner and the dog is required at the end of the course.
*This course will have results here at our house, but is only a beginning to what you will have to continue
when you take your dog home.


Private agility instruction  $40/hour

Boarding agility training and competing for AKC agility titles - $800/month plus a portion of the travel expense, plus entry fees.

Course run-thrus/use of the equipment  is by appointment only.  Please email for more information.


$40 one-hour private lessons with owner and dog

$10 per private session with dog while he/she is staying with us

$125 group classes (6 weeks and one free private lesson)

$50 for in depth evaluations and consultations

FREE basic initial assessment and consultation
regarding training needs



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