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I can be your pet's own nanny, personal assistant, BFF, you name it! 

Pet Sitting/House/Exercising Services Offered

Pet Visits:
Whether you are on vacation or just need your pet to have a potty/play break or leash walk or two, while you are at work!  
Pet walking/exercising/feeding/playing/brushing/treat-dispensing/nose kissing/lap-sitting and so forth!  Can also administer most meds.
Will clean up crates, litter boxes, accidents, yard poop scooping and so forth.

House services:
Bring in mail, packages, roll out trash, rotate lights/blinds, water plants, and many other requests to give you peace of mind while you are away

Pet Sitting in your home provides your pet with comfort and consistency of routine in a safe environment.  Some animals board wonderfully and EAGERLY (see our farm!) but others have severe anxiety or stress when they leave home.  And while we are well known for doing a great job at comforting and keeping high-stress animals, there are some cases where it is best for the pet to stay in her own home or the owner would feel more comfortable that way. It is also very convenient for the owner, plus the peace of mind knowing that someone is checking in on their house while they are away.



*You must provide proof of a rabies vaccine that was given within 3 years at least, we will also accept a current titer. 
*You must make us aware of ANY aggression of ANY kind that the pet has EVER demonstrated.  We do not breed discriminate, but you can be liable for not informing of any issues.  Upon meeting your pet(s) we reserve the right to not enter into an agreement to visit them if we do not feel comfortable or safe.  So please set up as early as possible in case you need to find someone else.  We also have the option to board them for you at our boarding facility if pet sit visits won't work.  Some animals can be highly protective of new people coming into their own homes.
*You MUST inform us if anyone else has access to your home while you are away.
*If we do not hear from you around the time of your last scheduled visit, we will plan to continue the services as structured until we hear from you.  Those extra charges will be due immediately upon your return.  If you know of a plane delay, etc please let us know as soon as you can.
*You must provide us with two WORKING house keys.  We will return them at any point you wish.  Codes, garage door openers, leaving keys under mats will not work - we need you to give us keys as well as exiting and entering instructions.  
*Cancellations:  For quick visits/dog walking:  If we have already arrived at your place, and you cancel, you will be charged. If before arrival, we will credit it to the next payment for upcoming visits.  For overnight stays in your home please cancel TWO WEEKS in advance.  If not, you will only be refunded 50%.  For longer vacation visits, please give 7 days cancellation notice.  Otherwise you will only receive 75% refund.  Please understand that scheduling in this business can be quite limited and cancellations cause us to lose people that we turned away because you were already booked.


Rates and Payment Information

**Note - we do not charge extra fees for multiple animals.  We charge by time. It is understood that the time will be divided up among the pets and their care as they need it or as you specify**

Pet Visits (Dog Walking/Feeding/Misc):  
$12 Just let out/quick walk to potty, up to 10 min
$20 for 30 min walk/play/misc
$35 for 1-hour walk/play/misc
$10 any extra 20 min interval

Overnight stay $75 per night (From 9pm until 6am, feedings/exercise/any needed meds/play/TLC included)
Any other visits while you are away will be at the regular rates of $12 - potty/check-in visit, or $20 for a more extensive 30-minute visit/exercise, etc as stated above)
$15 + EXPENSES for a supply run.  If any food or supplies are needed for your pet while you are away, it is 
$20/HR for any other errands, plus expenses

Pet Sitting (in our Savannah home):
$35/night for first dog, $20 for second, $15 third
$15/night for first cat, $10 for second

Boarding at our Eureka Pet Resort home/farm located an hour north of Savannah:
$25/night first dog, $15 for second, $10 each additional
Discount for long term boarding (1 dog, $450/month, 2 dogs $750/month)  

Pet Transport (around Savannah):
$15 each way (vet, groomer, etc)
Will wait for or with your pet at the rate of $20/hr if requested  


There is an initial "meet and greet" ($15) to meet your pet(s) and to sign an agreement for services and to get detailed instructions from you.
You will be given a quote for the services/times you are requesting and will have to pay this quote at the initial visit if we agree for me to pet sit your pets.
If actual charges are less than the quote you receive/pay, the difference will be returned or given in credit for services when you return.
If charges are more, they are due promptly upon return.
One time visit pay up front at the initial meet and greet and/or at signing of the care agreement
Vacation or overnight visits - pay up front on the initial meet and greet and/or at signing of the care agreement
Weekly walks/potty/etc pay once/week, at beginning of week.
Cash and Major credit cards accepted.  Don't prefer checks but will accept after you are an established client of ours.  

Dog Training:

First phone consult - FREE  912-658-3500
$50 initial lesson/consultation - in your home or mine
$30 for 30-min session with dog or owner or both
Boarding Training (dog stays with trainer) 4 weeks, $700
If you would like more info/bio on our dog trainer, please email 



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