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                    GENERAL INFORMATION

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Hours of operation: 8a-8p, 7 days. This is for transportation and day visitors and human visitors.  Otherwise, for our guests who are staying, we are available 24-7.  We keep our gates closed for the safety of our guests, so please call from the gate or before you come so we can bring in any guests and open the gate for you.  Also, sometimes if you call Eureka! we might not answer the phone.   We spend a lot of time outside or either we might be busy when you call.  We are not a high-volume operation nor do we sit by the phone, we spend our time with your pets!

Location: Our address is 514 Eureka Road, Sylvania, GA 30467.  We are actually MUCH closer to Newington, GA, only 2 miles north of Newington.  The center of the city of Sylvania is actually about 15 miles north of us.
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Requirements:  When your pets stay with us, we will need a current vaccination record from your vet and will have some paperwork for you to fill out.  We require for dogs: DHPP & Rabies current within 3 years, and preferably Bordatella current within 6 months.  We will accept titers.  We will check for external parasites and will bathe and remove them at your expense if fleas are to be found.  We highly recommend the use of monthly flea and tick prevention, Advantage, Advantix or Frontline Plus are the ones we've found to work the best on our personal dogs.  We are very careful to prevent any flea infestation, especially since we have your pets in our home.  None of these products are 100%, so make you you also check before your pet comes home.  Please be advised to take the proper precautions before bringing us your dogs as well.


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