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Basic House Manners
Puppy and Adult Socials
Agility Training


If you would like more information on training,
Please email us at


Obedience/Behavior TRAINING (while on vacation)

$10 per session while visiting (without owner - this is best used if you have something specific you want us to work on while your dog is here visiting)

$800 for a 4-week boarding and training course in
basic household manners (crate/potty training, no jumping, barking, etc) walking on a loose leash/no pulling
and basic obedience (coming when called, sit, down and stay) and socialization to basic household items and other animals.
A private lesson with the owner and the dog is required at the end of the course.
*This course will have results here at our house, but is only a beginning to what you will have to continue
when you take your dog home


Private agility instruction  $40/hour

Boarding agility training and competing for AKC agility titles - $800/month plus a portion of the travel expense, plus entry fees.

Course run-thrus/use of the equipment  is by appointment only.  Please email for more information.


$40 one-hour private lessons with owner and dog

$10 per private session with dog while he/she is staying with us

$125 group classes (6 weeks and one free private lesson)

$50 for in depth evaluations and consultations

FREE basic initial assessment and consultation
regarding training needs


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